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Au final, le web ce n'est pas si compliqué



Here are some links and tips to hack Facebook, Twitter and Instagram API restrictions. Because, well, when you want to launch very small projects, you want things to go fast.

Paying attention to prototyping instead of marketing your idea first (Facebook needs way too much informations before le...

Sometimes all you need is a USB key to install a new operating system on your computer (who still uses CDs btw?).

First, let's try to understand some of the options availables and technical expressions:

  • Bootloader Options: the bootloader loads the operating system. Some ISO burners allow you to...

Why the hell would you like to replace the Windows shell? If the answer is "to replace it with my own app", let's do this.

Here is the Shell script to run in a PowerShell with admin account in god mode. Copy / Paste / Save in a textfile, rename the file with myawesomescript.ps1

# Check if shel...